Life and Mindfulness Coach. Speaker. Musician.

Born and raised in Venezuela, I spent most of my childhood and youth in a picturesque andean city, in Sweden and in Austria. As a naturally introverted kid and youth, I spent my time mostly in solitary pursuits, nurturing an obsession for learning new things, getting “good” at them, and exploring the limits of our mental capabilitiesthat I have continued to this day.

This perpetual learning includes a very broad range of psychological and philosophical themes, from meta-learning, personal development, language and culture, to the nurturing of creativity, mastery, mindfulness and Zen. Throughout this tiem I have had the great fortune to be mentored and guided by exceptional people. The result is a wonderful polymathy and a deep sense of the complex web of connections within ourselves.

Besides my coaching commitments and my family, I enjoy keeping fit, meditation, living in harmony with our environment, and of course as a creative person I have always nurtured my passion for art and music. I compose and record music of various genres, including the Shakuhachi, a japanese bamboo flute with a strong link to Zen meditation. Published works are available at “The Mindfulness Bell”


Built on the desire to share what I have learned through teachers, trial and error, and sheer struggle, and to help people transcend their own barriers to a greater self, I launched the Zen Mind Life Centre. Through it, I offer guided self-discovery and various formats of personal and professional development programs. I speak at events to help with the things I personally struggled with, and aim to heal, challenge and inspire.