Full Steam Ahead: Why You Have Everything You Need.

The new project. Today’s to-do list. Launching a new business. Finding a soul-mate. Changing careers. Whatever it is you wish to start, accomplish, create, finish or do, you have all you need. Right now. There is absolutely nothing in the way for you be in motion, wether this is to get started, to advance it, to finish it, to ship it.

I must admit, this was a hard lesson for me to grasp.

We must never confuse aspiration with necessity.

Yet we do.

Aspiration tells us where we want to go. Evidently we are not there, so in order to get there, we must first begin the journey. And any journey begins at the point where the decision to undertake it is made.

Necessity is the absolute minimum that we need to commence that journey. If you are reading this, there are very few things for which you do not have that absolute minimum, and everything else is within reach.

Provided that you do one important thing: take one next step.

Invest even just one minute writing down a list of things that you need to do in order to proceed with your project. Inevitably there will be things on that list that are not immediately possible or viable. And then there are other things that are absolutely doable, sometimes right at that very moment. That is your next step. Take it. It is not more complicated than that.

We complicate it by overlaying the aspirational circumstances over the present moment, and label it necessity.

                       And then……. we are stuck!

Throughout life we accumulate a magnificent toolkit of expertise, experience, wisdom and skills. Yet we rarely look into that toolkit. In fact I bet you are not even sure what tools are in yours, and you may not even be sure as to what some of those mysterious items can do. But in that toolkit is something that makes the next step possible.

Write that little list. Discover what is in your toolkit. Use it. In it is everything you need to take the next step. And with every new step you take, new things will appear in your toolkit.

You will need them……..


                        The ones you need now you already have.