In memory of Bob Brozman.

Absolutely shattered to find out that the amazing Bob Brozman is no longer with us. I had the great fortune to meet the great master on two occasions, to learn from him and converse about all things mind and music, and also to see him perform live. He had a wealth of knowledge that he shared with generosity and humility.

Bob opened my ears to musical subtleties and genres that I would otherwise never have discovered, and that have since become inspirational and influential in my compositions. He was the reason I begun playing on resonator guitars.

Bob, you leave an incredible legacy of music and musical education to future generations, I guess the sleep that you once talked about is now here… “There’s so much music out thereā€¦I guess I’ll get some sleep in the next life!”

Bob Brozman, you will be missed dearly by guitarists and musos all over the world. Thank you from the depths of my heart and my muse for the amazing work that you have devoted your life to, and the joy and inspiration that you have given me through it.

_/_ May your soul find peace. _/_

* About the video:
This was more recent performance of “Down the road” – the first BB song I ever heard. In my mind it captures the virtuosity and fun that was so much a trademark of his playing. Enjoy and share.


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