We need a Hero!

As the 2012 Doha Climate Change Conference nears its end (and it looks like it will boast the same results that have plagued every previous climate summit), one thing is becoming increasingly evident:

The people and organisations who have the resources to drive the necessary changes are not going to do it. Not this time, and probably not the next time either. Most likely not any time until they are under severe duress, or simply when their authority and influence ceases to be relevant.

As a parent I am worried where things are heading. How will my kids will live when they reach my age?.

The outlook is not good.

Lets face it, the same process of analysis, comparison and probability that we generally refer to as science has provided a reliable foundation of knowledge that makes it possible for you to read this post.
It enabled us to build Lamborghini’s, space shuttles and hearing aids.
It enabled us to create iphones, implant artificial hearts, and extract drinking water from the air. There are a thousand and one things within your arms reach right now that were only possible because someone somewhere observed, tested and proposed a “most likely result”. If science was not reliable none of that would be there.

So when science advises that by pumping pollutants into the atmosphere we will most likely bake ourselves (and everything around us), its worth taking that advice as seriously as someone saying “Stepping over that cliff will cause gravity to continue doing what it normally does”. Unless you happen to be Clark Kent, you cant afford to ignore the advice.

So then, what next?

First, the world will not end on the 21st of December.

But I sense that soon after Doha we will see some massive transformations commence into the next five years, as the emerging leadership of sustainable action begins to unify into a cohesive force: a vision will emerge which reflects the unspoken wishes of most human beings, and there will not be a politician, industrialist or multinational corporation that has the means to resist such change.

The Gandhis’ and Mandelas’ of the future already walk among us, more than ready to lead the liberation of humanity from fossil energy, wasteful consumerism and linear economy. We will have new heroes whom history will look at with pride and relief, while our representatives at Doha will be remembered (or perhaps forgotten) as the ones who could, and didn’t.

If you have read this far, thank you, and we would love to read your thoughts and comments on this!

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