The Teahouse Talks – Episode 0: Introduction

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The Teahouse Talks is a series of interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders, and people who are acomplishing extraordinary things in areas of social and human transformation. The setting of these conversations is in the tranquil and contemplative spaces of a “Chashitsu” – a traditinal japanese tea-house.

This episode introduces the vision for this series, the setting and what you can expect in in these episodes.

The running time for this introductory episode is 10 minutes. Future episodes may vary in length, generally between 30minutes to an hour.

We will include useful links to resources and information referred to in the conversation here. Transcripts for the episodes will also available here for download in PDF format.

You can download the transcript for this episode here. >>Download Teahouse Talk Transcript PDF<<

Enjoy and share!

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