8 Lessons I Learned from Clearing Bamboo.

Some time ago one of my neighbours called me over to show me a retaining wall that was beginning to be pushed over by a lush and tall bamboo cluster on our side of it. The numerous slender poles that were closest to the wall were swaying in the breeze and when they made contact […]

Five things that will spoil your recipe for success (and a happy life)

There are about as many definitions of success as there are recipes for Bolognaise Sauce. Everyone has one, and everyone believes theirs is the original one. But regardless of what your Bolognaise Sauce of Success recipe tastes like, there are some fundamentals that – if ignored, will sabotage the dish. Like the pasta recipe, I […]

Failed a 30-day challenge? Now what?

I recently heard a talk encouraging people to take on a “30-day challenge”. This proposition was of course relevant to that audience, who were in general highly accomplished people, and therefore already had well established self-discipline. But for the majority of people, a 30-day challenge is a long slog, especially if you don’t have a […]