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Winfried Sitte

Mindful Speaker. Mindful Mentor, Mindful Coach.

After two decades of practising Architecture I realised that my career path was increasingly moving out of alignment with my beliefs and values.

Since my childhood I have always maintained an obsession for learning new things and exploring the limits of our mental capabilities. This includes a very broad range of psychological and philosophical themes, from meta-learning, personal development,language and culture, to the development of creativity, mastery, mindfulness and Zen. I continue to research and expand my knowledge and understanding on these subjects, and have the great fortune to be mentored and guided by exceptional people.

Built on this desire to share my message, and to help people transcend what in most cases are only imaginary barriers to their greater self, I launched the Zen and Mindful Life Education Centre, through which I run a diverse series of professional and personal development coaching programs. I speak at events to help with the things I personally struggled with, and create vision, challenge and inspire .

As my journey moves forward I help others take their own steps.

I believe that the power of mindfulness multiplies, that when what we do is deeply aligned with what we believe and are passionate about, we have the capacity to influence positive change and inspire others, to lead by example, to create great intellectual, humanitarian and material wealth. When this happens, divisions fall away, making this the single most important thing in creating a better world for the next generations as well as our own.

I was born and raised in Venezuela, lived in Sweden and Austria, and eventually settled in Australia. I now live in Brisbane with my life partner and our two sons.

Besides my coaching commitments and my family, I enjoy keeping fit, meditation, living in harmony with our environment, and of course as a creative person I have always nurtured my passion for art and music. I compose and record music of various genres, including the Shakuhachi, a japanese bamboo flute with a strong link to Zen meditation. Published works are available at “The Mindfulness Bell”