Full Steam Ahead: Why You Have Everything You Need.

The new project. Today’s to-do list. Launching a new business. Finding a soul-mate. Changing careers. Whatever it is you wish to start, accomplish, create, finish or do, you have all you need. Right now. There is absolutely nothing in the way for you be in motion, wether this is to get started, to advance it, […]

The hardest thing that most never have the courage to do.

Justice. It seems that this is one of the pivots of civilisation. The scales that balance everything, impartially. It moderates activites, it ensures appropriate behaviour, it provides a framework where righteousness bestows impunity, and wrongdoing elicits punishment. It is  the foundation of what we generally consider to be fair. Of course it has some limitations […]

Shhhhhhh…..! No NEWS please.

Since becoming a parent I have noticed that I am more aware of the information that surrounds our space, particularly at home. We hear not just for ourselves, but also on behalf of our children, filtering and observing what meanings and interpretations are attributed to that information, or what effect it may have on their […]

What price are you paying?

This last week I was reminded again of the price of leadership, and how fortunate most of us are that at least at this present moment we do not have to fight battles on that level. So now to the story… It is heavy, but there is a point to it, so hang in there. […]

Are you getting sucked in the cycle?

Economic cycle. Seasonal cycle. Property Cycle. Water Cycle. There is a cycle for just about every bad situation out there, and because of it, it’s going to get better, right? There are physical phenomena that are classified as cycles, such as the water cycle. But we can not simply assume that everything that has variations […]

Failed a 30-day challenge? Now what?

I recently heard a talk encouraging people to take on a “30-day challenge”. This proposition was of course relevant to that audience, who were in general highly accomplished people, and therefore already had well established self-discipline. But for the majority of people, a 30-day challenge is a long slog, especially if you don’t have a […]

Happy 30th! CPR for your NYR.

Congratulations! Today your New Year’s Resolutions turns 30. Hang on, what New Year’s Resolutions? Struggling to remember yours? Perhaps some did not turn 30. Perhaps they tragically deceased sometime in the last 30 days, bullied out of existence by the relentlessness of every-day life. Erased from your schedule by other tasks that promoted themselves as […]

The other 5 ways to make New Years Resolutions stick!

As the year draws to a close, and diaries fill up with every conceivable Christmas Season and End-of-Year engagement, it is not uncommon that your inner desire for calm and reflection is perpetually challenged by a sense of overwhelm and seasonal Ho-ho-ho!. So it is no surprise that we get to the New Year having […]

You have too many options!

We live in a time where we take so many privileges for granted. When we need anything, whether it is food, knowledge, technology or a simple creature comfort, it takes a laughable effort to source it, get it verified and get access to it. We can study anything we want, connect with almost anyone in […]

Why you need to know the sound of one hand clapping.

To help the student zen monks attain enlightenment, the teacher gives each a riddle that can not be solved with conventional thinking. These riddle takes the form of thought-provoking and paradoxical anecdotes called Kōan. The famous expression “sound of one hand clapping” originated from such an anecdote and embodies the essence of the Kōan. The Kōan is the […]